UPDATED 07/24/20 11:11 — 3-year-old Dylan Ehler was last seen on May 6, 2020 in a yard of a home on Elizabeth St. in Truro, Nova Scotia.

He was last seen wearing a camo winter jacket with a fur hood and USA flag patches on the arms and chest, a red dinosaur t-shirt, camo jogging pants and grey and orange rubber boots.

No piece of information is ever too small. If you are from the Truro area and have any information about his disappearance, please report to Truro Police Service at 902-895-5351 or confidentially to www.missingkids.ca / 1-866-KID-TIPS (543-8477).

If you have any information about this child,
visit missingkids.ca or call 1-866-KID-TIPS (543-8477)

Or call Truro Police Service at 902-895-5351