UPDATED 04/26/18 11:52 — Jo-Anne Pedersen was last seen at the Penny Pincher Store in the Vedder Crossing area of Chilliwack, BC. Jo-Anne was last seen using the pay phone outside the store and was with an unidentified male.She has not been seen since.

Jo-Anne's mother is desperate for answers about what happened on February 19, 1983 and where her daughter is now. If you have any information regarding Jo-Anne's disappearance please visit www.missingkids.ca or call 1-866-KID-TIPS (543-8477).

If you have any information about this child,
visit missingkids.ca or call 1-866-KID-TIPS (543-8477)

Or call Chilliwack RCMP at 604-792-4611